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What Types Of Grass Do We You Supply?

We supply a wide range of turf suplies and varieties to suit all you and your families needs.

Based on studies and our many years of experience we have selected only the very best varieties of grass that will continue to look great under the toughest of the Australian conditions.

The need to water lawns during dry seasons used to get a lot of bad press but modern turf varieties have been bred to reduce the watering requirements.

So, with Atlas turf you can maintain your low water usage while keeping your lawn looking superb

Atlas Turf will keep the grass looking alot more greener on your side of the fence and keep your property looking amazing with drought-tolerant, weed resistant, shade tolerant hardy grass varieties.

We use premium DNA genetically certified turf so you know for a fact you’re getting only the best.

Our turf varieties include:

Sir Walter Buffalo
Matilda Buffalo
Sapphire Buffalo
Palmetto Buffalo
Empire Zoysia
CT2 Couch

These are all really tough grasses but each has particular characteristics that make them ideal for certain conditions and settings.

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What Type Of Grass Is Best For My Needs?

The Australian climate can be really harsh and tough on lawns.

Before you choose a grass variety you should look carefully at where you plan to put your new turf and think about the following requirements:

  • Drought tolerance
  • Shade tolerance
  • Weed, disease, and pest insect resistance
  • Mowing requirements
  • Hardiness and resistance to damage – like foot traffic
  • Pets such as dogs with dog runs and high traffic areas

Ask the following question to yourself; will your lawn take a hammering from the rough and tumble when the grandkids come over?

Factors like this and as well as others including colour of the grass in winter, leaf texture and size, and salt tolerance if you live close to the coast.

Sometimes your decision may need to be a compromise favouring one aspect over another.

For example, you might need to give more importance to drought resistance versus how often you have to mow the lawn.

Sir Walter Buffalo premium turf is one of Australia’s most popular choices…

It has excellent drought resistance and shade tolerance, self-repairing hardiness, low maintenance and watering requirements, and exceptional all year-round appearance.